Radiant Capital provides users with an innovative borrow & bridge function via the stargate stable router interface.

"Bridges built on the Delta (∆) algorithm [of Layer Zero] conduct native asset transfers through unified pools of liquidity while achieving instant-guaranteed finality, the combination of which enables cross-chain composability." (Source: Layer Zero whitepaper)

The flexibility afforded by the ∆ algorithm creates the opportunity to improve many existing applications, such as decentralized lending protocols like Radiant Capital by taking advantage of single-transaction cross-chain swapping of native assets across vast networks of chains.

Radiant V2 supports deposits on Arbitrum and BNB Chain and can be borrowed to any EVM chain supported by Stargate Finance. Radiant is undergoing development testing and will enable full omnichain deposits and borrows in the near future.

Remember that while bridging, your deposits and borrows occur on the origin chain (Arbitrum/BNB). Therefore, if you wish to repay your loans, you must do so on those chains.

How to Borrow & Bridge

Before borrowing & bridging, an asset must be deposited as collateral.

After collateral has been provided, visit the Dashboard and select the asset to be borrowed & bridged.

Input the amount to borrow, select the destination chain, and click continue. If this is your first time using Radiant Capital to bridge, you will need to approve the contract to use the selected asset and approve delegation to bridge funds.

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